THE FOGGY DEW-O STORY------- Continued


Personnel - Danny Clarke & Lennie Wesley


On the brink of national fame, and a big TV break on  BBC2 Television’s

‘Colour Me Pop’ programme was being transmitted in November 1968 –Lennie was rushed to hospital

with a rare lung disease – and was in intensive care for months-lucky to be alive, as he fought through 

an illness of only six known cases at the time where three had died….

Danny remained loyal to his partner – living on the record royalties and assisting his art college friend

Ashley Jackson on Sign-Writing jobs to earn a living until Lennie recovered.

Eighteen months later and three stone lighter – on reduced lung power –

Lennie bravely insisted on getting back in the Foggy groove and was literally carried into the

BBC’s Maida Vale studios to record 12 songs for the John Dunne Radio 2 programme.

Back to his musical career. . .  

Picking up the pieces  - In 1970 they recorded the second album with Decca

‘Born to Take the Highway’ – now allowed to record the earlier material of contemporary writers –

with Ray Horricks as recording manager and orchestral backing to the songs-the scene they had created

for themselves had now developed - Simon and Garfunkel had risen to fame – since the illness interruption

– which looked outwardly that Danny and Lennie were a copy of the American duo,

when in actual fact, they had been England’s ‘Simon and Garfunkel P

lus’ since 1965 before they happened along.

In 1972 they were the first signing for York Records – the YTV record company based in Leeds and

Carnaby Street, London – recording two albums and two singles for the company managed by Deke Arlon

- who later went on to manage Sheena Easton and others.

Their recording manager Tony Hooper of the Strawbs folk band – who also were the backing

musicians, produced  ‘Simple Gifts’ an eclectic mix of styles,    

being more commercial than the previous recordings

from which two singles were released, the album currently

having a list price of £52 in the international record collectors guides,

alongside the rest of the collectable Foggy records.

They completed around 500 appearances on TV and Radio during their

illustrious career – their final national appearance in November 1973 on

‘New Faces’ - the forerunner of ‘Pop Idol’ – which they fortunately didn’t win –

Despite Mickey Most, Clement Freud and the rest of the panel being very

Complimentary – As they had decided to finalise the Foggy duo career to

finish in December 1973.  


Their last performance was in December 1973 - for old friends, in the

concert room of an old pub in Hathesage – The  Scotsman's Pack –It had

originally begun in a large room in the Alhambra pub - Barnsley in 1965.               

The course had been run and the story reached full circle.




Danny continued with a new partner from Liverpool Rob Jones working as ‘Foggy’, until the

mid-eighties, working a more international scene – around Europe and Africa and the Combined

Services – still making records independently and doing TV and Radio work – as Danny picked up his

paint brushes again – used his real first name –‘Granville’ to become well-known as a

Watercolour Artist – still writing songs and poetry and performing his own one man show as Barnsley’s

oldest teenager.


Lennie after a well deserved break formed a trio in 1975 -

Wesley, Park & Smith, mainly working around the folk scene and working men’s

club scene in the UK.       Eventually folding in the late seventies.




Following a long battle with his deteriorating lung condition -

Lennie passed away in Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital

Monday 16 February 2004











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